Emergency First Response

First off before setting out on the Rescue Diver Course you do need to be medically trained. If you have medical training already it needs to be valid within the last 2 years & you need to bring proof of your certification with you. Red cross works fine. Otherwise we can offer you the Emergency First Response Course.


What’s involved?
The Emergency First Response (EFR) program can show you how to respond if someone needs help. The Emergency First Response – Primary Care course provides extensive instruction in CPR and First Aid, as well as offering optional Secondary Care and Emergency Oxygen sections.

Practical applications allow you to build and polish your skills.

The chances are that you will probably never need to use the skills that you learn on this course, however, should the need arise to use the skills in providing emergency medical attention, you will have the knowledge to respond quickly with confidence.


What do I need to start?
There is no dive certification required nor minimum age limit.


How long will it take?
The Primary Care course lasts four hours and can be completed in half a day.


Now what?

We strongly recommend you to continue educating yourself with the Rescue Course.

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