Welcome to Piratas Alona Diving Center, our dive center is located on Bohol Island in Panglao and we are in Alona beach.
The diving center is very comfortable for underwater activities as the boats are in front of the diving center on the beach of Alona.
We have 2 boats:
  • One with capacity for 20 divers, its name is Dolores
  • The speed boat with capacity for 12 divers its name Niña Dolores
Piratas Alona staff will make your stay unforgettable, we speak: Filipino, Spanish, English and French; and they are professionals with great experience in diving.
To make diving the most comfortable for the client, we do small groups both in guided dives and in diving courses.
Dives maximum 4 divers of the same level for 1 Dive master and courses maximum 4 students per instructor.
Discover the bottoms of the Philippines with Pirates Alona Diving Center.