Divers Trips

Full Day Trips

We offer a variety of full day trips to close by islands and world class dive locations, Balicasag being the closest and Cabilao being the furthest. 2 to 3 dives are done during these trips.



The closest, yet the reason why Panglao is known worldwide for its super diving.

Close to the wall are schools of snappers, fusiliers, turtles and mouth mackerel. Head out a little into the blue water and you may well see schools of barracuda and big-eyed jacks that have made residence here. Watch out too for passing giant trevally and tuna. All around the island is an abundance of fish life. Get caught up in a ‘donut’ of Jack-fish and be amazed at how many fishes will be coming at you. There are also a couple of schools of Juvenile Barracudas hunting in these waters and turtles also like these waters.


Sadly an old whaling station, and with illegal fishing in Pamilacan caused a lot of damage,things have changed and nature is recovering vigorously and now again is a wonderful dive place.



Cabilao Island is known for its great macro life, corals and abundant of fish, world class dive sites. The wall is very nice with many gorgonian, sea-fans hard corals, etc. Barracudas, butterfly fishes, bonitas, and other tropical fishes are also abundant. The wall goes down to more than 50 meters, and on one place it start only at 30 meters deep.