Open Water Diver – Get certified!

The PADI Open Water Course is your ticket to exciting adventures in the underwater world and lasts for a lifetime. The 3- 4 day Open Water Course includes 4 dives, and confined water practise sessions, you will also receive a book to read. The course is your first step on the diving certification ladder. This Open Water license enables you to dive to a depth not to exceed 18 meters, in conditions not to exceed your training, with a buddy, who is also a certified diver, at 100% of all diving destinations throughout the world!


What’s involved?
The PADI Open Water course is divided into modules and consist of five academic sessions – video and lecture, shallow water sessions – a midst the beauty of the islands’ sheltered beaches, and then four open water dives in the ocean.


What do I need to start?
Be at least 10 years old and be able to swim.


Piratas provides all equipment, boat trips, etc., for the duration of the course.


Am I fit to dive?
Read this medical questionnaire, if you can answer yes to any of the questions, you may require medical clearance to enroll on a diving course. Email us if you want more information


How long will it take?
Typically the course takes between three to four full days, but rest assured, we will not rush you through the program. Because the course is performance based, you will have plenty of time to practice your new skills prior to certification.


Typical Diary of the Open Water Diver Course
Orientation Day- Morning or evening: We start the Open Water course depending when you arrive in our dive center. Then we get you to meet with your Instructor & the other guys on the course talk about what we’ll do for the next couple of days. Then we’re going to stick a video on & make you sit through it for just over an hour answering as many questions as you can in your Open Water manuals. As homework you will get to read the Open Water Manual.

Day 1- 8am-9.30am: Theory Modules 1,2+3- check up, your Instructor will talk about what you learned so far on the video and on the book, why you need to know it, & when you will do it. We have a few quizzes to do at the end of each module.

10am- : 10am-11:30am: We’ll go into the water – shallow water to do confined water practice sessions 1-2-3. We’ll start in a depth you can stand up in &  then go a few meters deeper as the skills vary.

12pm- : 12pm-1:30pm: First open water dive. We always start with an easy and relaxed dive. Start shallow and go deeper as you get more confident to a maximum depth of 12 meters. After coming back from the dive you will talk with your instructor on the way what amazing creatures you see and how you felt. Also you will learn how to clean your gear. Then you will get theory modules 4 and 5 as homework.


Day 2- : 8am-9.30am: Theory Modules 4 and 5 check up. Same as yesterday!

10am-11am: Confined water practise sessions 4 and 5.

11:30am-1pm Open Water dive 2, during which you will do a variety of skills in deeper water and on the surface to ensure you are comfortable. Again with a maximum depth of 12 meters. Besides doing skills you will explore the reef, look at fish and try to get grips with your buoyancy control.


Day 3- : 8am-12pm: Open water dives 3 and 4. During these dives you will do a few skill exercises, but the main focus is on what you see, you will see beatiful corals, groupers, lion fish, nudibranches and if your lucky a few sharks! A maximum depth of 18 meters on the dives.

1pm-1.30pm: Open Water Final Exam.


Get 75% in this multiple choice exam & then you’ll then be certified as an Open Water Diver which will entitle you to dive at all the wonderful places you could ever imagine down to a maximum depth of 18 meters!


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