Specialties – getting closer

PADI offers a significant amount of specialties that you can specialize in. Be it adrenaline or history you seek during wreck dives, longer bottom times with Nitrox or the love of photography. These courses give you deeper knowledge about the subject and also brings you more experience, granting you more confidence. Each of these have different requirements and different amount of dives. We in Piratas offer you at least the following specialties:

Nitrox Specialty

Learn now what is sure to be the future of scuba with Enriched Air diving. If you increase the amount of oxygen in your tank & thereby decrease the amount of nitrogen then you will be able to increase the length of time you can stay at your maximum depth leaving the opportunity to explore more. An essential dive certification for all serious divers.


Deep Specialty

The last step before crossing the limit between recreational and technical diving. The Deep Specialty course lets you dive up to 40 meters deep. If 30 meters is not enough for you, go deeper!


Wreck Specialty

The lure of exploring sunken vessels, airplanes and automobiles is something most divers can’t resist. The Wreck Diver Specialty course introduces you to wreck diving and helps you develop the skills and knowledge necessary for safe and fun wreck diving.


Underwater Photography Specialty

Having fun? Take a picture of it so you can show it to your grand children how diving was 20 years ago or share the fun in Facebook. You think you can actually take these pictures underwater? Be careful before you say yes, do the Underwater Photography Specialty course to learn how to take proper pictures, how does the water affect taking pictures. Things to keep in mind, light, angle, but how do they work underwater again? Read more:


Project AWARE Fish Identification

You might have heard about the PADI Project AWARE courses, this is one of them. These AWARE Courses teach you about the nature, how to interact with it, how to recognize different species from each other and how to find them easier by knowing about their habitat.


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